A Division of Pearson Packaging Systems

About Flexicell

What we do

Flexicell focuses on solving picking, packing and palletizing automation challenges in the most efficient, flexible and scalable way – robotically and that exclusively. With over 25 years of experience, Flexicell is the longest established robotics-only solution provider in the packaging industry.

More than a Name

Incorporated in 1992, Flexicell’s name was inspired by a vision to provide not only reliable solutions but flexible ones. A goal that could only be accomplished through the use of robots and ‘flexible packaging cells’ or short Flexicells.

Joining Pearson Packaging Systems

In 2018, Flexicell became part of Pearson Packaging Systems. As part of the Pearson family of brands, Flexicell provides additional depth and experience to Pearson’s comprehensive portfolio of secondary packaging automation solutions, specifically packing and palletizing capabilities. Pearson and Flexicell share a commitment to using advanced technologies to future-proof their automation solutions, providing high-quality and robust equipment to run reliably in 24/7 operations and treating customers as long-term partners that can rely on our service and support. Our combined customer base benefits from expanded capabilities, technical and financial resources, and a strategic presence on the east and west coast of the United States.

Manufacturing Capacity

Systems and many equipment components are designed, assembled and tested at Flexicell’s 70,000 square-foot facility before being shipped to customers. As a result, Flexicell is not limited by supply-chain restrictions when system modifications are needed.