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Another Satisfied Customer - Shurtape Technologies

It is our goal to have happy and satisfied customers! Ed Rosamond, engineering manager with Shurtape Technologies writes:" Very knowledgeable sales and technical staff, with excellent craftsmanship on the finished product."Thanks Ed. We look forward to working with you again.Read more »

When More Is Better: Flexible Palletizing Solution for Large Food Manufacturer

A centralized palletizing system seemed like the best solution because they could use one robot on multiple lines; however, the lines were not near enough to each other for this to be practical. To keep the footprint relatively small, Flexicell suggested an alternative method, which would also reduce the cost by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rather than install one palletizer for all 6 of the manufacturer’s lines, Flexicell implemented multiple smaller systems.Read more »

Reducing Labor Costs and Increasing Palletizing Efficiency for a Petroleum Refinery

Their employees were loading the heavy packages, which could weigh up to 45 pounds, by hand. The weight made the process difficult due to the potential for injury. The company also needed to increase production.Read more »

Another Happy Flexicell Customer—Consumers' Co-operative Refineries

Simon Kostic, project manager with Consumers' Co-operative Refineries writes: "I have dealt with many vendors, some good, some not as good.  Flexicell is the best one that I have personally dealt with.  You are good at customer service, and of course, great at what you specialize in.Read more »

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