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"Excellent!  The company does what  they say, on time, on budget and the reliability is second to none. Service after the sale is great. The service technicians always are responsive and very helpful." — Paul Elbert, Elbert's Enterprises
"The biggest benefit has been in the control of labor costs and consistency of throughputs.Red River Commodities Logo We were able to hire one less person per shift when we opened the plant, and we are able to run the machine for a full eight-hour shift without breaks. The other benefits are the consistency of counts in the case and how neat and tidy the case is packed." —Patrick Pfaff, Director of Operations, SunGold Foods

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Consumers Co-op"We couldn't have asked for a better startup, we're already seeing a payback.  Flexicell did a fantastic job. We would only use Flexicell for our future projects." — Kevin Lydon, Vice President of Operations, Pompeian, Inc.

Consumers Co-op"I have dealt with many vendors, some good, some not as good. Flexicell is the best one that I have personally dealt with. You are good at customer service, and of course, great at what you specialize in...the designing of robot applications. I would recommend you to anyone." — Simon Kostic, Project Manager, Consumers' Co-operative Refineries

Herr Foods, Inc"We are very pleased with the service and performance of the robotic unitizing system from Flexicell." — Steve Moran, Engineering Manager, Herr Foods, Inc.

Blue Bell Creameries"Flexicell may not have the very lowest price for a project, however, they stand behind their proposal and insure that the system will meet or exceed minimum performance levels." — Eugene Supak, Vice President of Operations, Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

Naturally Fresh"I find Flexicell to be an extremely reliable and easy to work with company." — Don V. Heppe, Plant Engineer, Naturally Fresh