Customer Support

Emergency Service

Flexicell’s service department is on call round the clock to handle any emergency. Please call our Service Center Hotline at 1-888-713-3539 for immediate service.

Normal Service

Customer Support

If this support request is urgent, please call 888-713-3539 instead. For non-emergency requests, please fill out the form below.

On a normal basis, our service team is factory-trained to help you set up, run, maintain, and service your Flexicell robotic system. Our philosophy is to be available for you when you need us, and to answer your requests quickly and professionally. If you have questions or need help, please contact Customer Support toll free at 1-877-688-3539 or by email.

After Sale Support / Extended Service Programs

Flexicell often sends service representatives into the field to help customers with their after-the-sale needs including service, maintenance, training, or changeouts. Flexicell has dedicated factory-trained technicians to assist you with your scheduled and emergency service needs.

In addition, extended service plans are offered, ranging from single-visit plans to multi-year extended service plans. Flexicell will recommend the right plan for your equipment purchase.

For more information contact Customer Support toll free at 1-877-688-3539 or by email.

Spare Parts

The Flexicell Spare Parts Department maintains an inventory of quality-approved spare parts, and can respond quickly to any request. Non-proprietary parts are manufactured in-house, which facilitates speedy delivery to your facility. For all questions about and requests for spare parts, call 1-804-550-7172 or email us.