Material Handling Equipment

Our solutions use popular material handling methods to move your products to, through, and from our systems, with our equipment or integrated third-party equipment. As part of high-speed pick and place, case packing, and palletizing systems, we can include conveyors, dispensers, transfer carts, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and other equipment, as needed.


Flexicell's conveying systems transport products or pallets in and out of robotic cells. About 90% of the conveyors used in our systems are manufactured by us using aluminum and steel. These include table top, drag chain, and flat-top chain conveyors. Table top and flat-top belting are generally selected from Uni-Chains or Intralox. When a system calls for roller conveyors, these are generally selected from Hytrol.

In case packing applications, Flexicell often utilizes product orientation and collation methods while the products move along the conveyor. In palletizing applications, Flexicell utilizes the drag-chain conveyor to move both empty and loaded pallets throughout the cell. The pallet is stationary during movement on the conveyor, an advantage over forklift trucks. Conveyors can be integrated with transfer carts and Automatic Guided Vehicles for more efficient material handling, especially with very heavy or bulky objects.

Pallet Dispensers

Flexicell's pallet dispensers provides an alternative to a pallet magazine. The unit can store up to 15 Chep or GMA pallets and dispenses them one at a time from the bottom up, to one or more robot cells. Included is a heavy-duty drag chain conveyor to transport the empty pallets.

Transfer Carts

Flexicell's transfer carts are excellent additions to palletizing systems as an alternative to take-away conveyors. Transfer carts can be used to supply empty pallets to the cell, or accept full pallets from loading conveyors for transport to chosen finish points. The rail-guided transfer cart enables access to the palletizing cells via fork truck, while also allowing access through other critical areas of the manufacturing facility. Safety features include ultrasonic proximity sensors and safety bumpers.

Automatic Guided Vehicles

Flexicell offers the SmartCart automatic guided vehicle product line by Jervis B. Webb Company to enhance any palletizing or depalletizing system.

The SmartCart AGV is a flexible and cost-effective option, ideal for moving palletized products from or between palletizers, stretch wrappers, conveyors, floor storage, or any designated location in a warehouse or production operation. It can also deliver empty pallets and other essential line elements to ensure continuous operation. Because they are automatic and durable, SmartCart AGVs provide reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy pallets. The AGV is guided by magnetic tape, allowing for quick installation or modification of the guidepath.