Why Flexicell?

We're the Experts

Flexicell's longevity in the industry, along with its employees' combined years of experience, provide clients with a company they can rely on to create the packaging and palletizing systems they need. When you put your project in our hands, you can be sure that it will be done with quality. Our expertise in end-of-line automation means we will always exceed your expectations.

Complete Set-Up and Rigorous Testing

Within our 70,000-square-foot facility, we have the space and resources to fully design, build, and rigorously test your entire new robotic system under one roof to ensure identical operation at your location. Your entire cell is set up, interconnected, and tested to ensure complete system functionality. Our in-house manufacturing facility produces all required cell parts to guarantee the highest quality standards and provide the convenience of immediate response to design changes.

Factory Authorized Test (FAT)

Before your robotic system is shipped to your location, you are invited to the Flexicell facility to watch final tests of your robotic packing or palletizing cell. This is the time to make any last-minute adjustments and ensure your system is operating to your specifications. We won't ship until it does.

24-Hour Service

Reach a live technician/engineer/programmer from our service department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're here to ensure that your operation remains up and running at all times. Just call our toll-free dedicated emergency service hotline at 1-888-713-3539.

Remote Troubleshooting

Flexicell service technicians can monitor and analyze your machine's controls via an Ethernet connection. Very often problems can be solved quickly with a simple programming adjustment.

Daily Progress Monitoring

An exclusive benefit is Flexicell's use of strategically-placed web cameras that enable clients to view their projects during the construction process. With protected access allowed only by private code, clients can view daily updates of their robotic systems via the Internet.

Web Conferencing

Our clients enjoy our web conferencing service that enables both clients and Flexicell engineers and programmers to hold virtual meetings. Via Internet access, each party sees the same detailed schematics in real time, and can notate on, point to, or otherwise refer to various parts of mechanical drawings and other documents via a computer screen or projected image.


Flexicell will provide your technicians with full on-site training on both your site and ours in operation, controls, and maintenance, and can advise additional software training through the robot manufacturer.