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Flexicell becomes FANUC Vision Systems Certified using iRVision

Based on our experience with FANUC’s iRVision®product and the successful deployment of robotic vision, Flexicell has been welcomed into FANUC’s Certified Vision Specialist program. As a company already recognized by FANUC as a Strategic Market Specialist and Level 4 Authorized Integrator, Flexicell is honored to accept another distinction that recognizes our dedication to innovation and flexible solutions.

The Certified Vision Specialist program is reserved for authorized integrators that have a higher degree of knowledge about vision, its capabilities, and its applications. To be a machine vision integrator requires both practical experience and a history of successful applications. Read on to learn about machine vision and how it can improve your manufacturing process.

How Machine Vision Benefits Our Customers

Manufacturers can utilize vision-guided robot systems to simplify the process of parts handling and to cut cost. “Machine vision cuts cost by reducing the need for tooling and fixtures, reducing upstream sorting or feeding processes, lessening downtime needed for product changeover, and improving future system flexibility,” says Kevin Jones, Flexicell’s in-house expert in the integration of robot vision. As more manufacturers in the food and consumer packaged goods industries aim for greater flexibility in their equipment, machine vision applications will only increase.

Machine vision automates part identification, navigation, and verification, and often replaces manual visual inspection. In industrial applications, machine vision systems find a part’s position and orientation. This enables robotic handling or inspection before an application is performed. Vision processes can also be used to verify the quality of parts before processing.

Robotic Vision System Hardware Challenges

Integrating a robot system with a vision system presents two major challenges—establishing a communications link between the two and converting the information generated by the vision process into a usable format for the robot. This is solved by iRVision®, which is FANUC’s robotic vision package that comes embedded on the standard robot controller. iRVision® only requires a standard CCD camera and cable to use. Since the same CPU that is controlling the robot is also running the vision processes, the integration of the two technologies becomes much simpler and eliminates additional communication delays when separate systems are used.

Flexicell is a Pioneer in Machine Vision Systems

By achieving certification in the FANUC Vision Specialist program, Flexicell has shown dedication and expertise in machine vision. We have successfully implemented machine vision in applications such as vision-guided line tracking to pick parts from moving conveyors, error proofing by vision inspection of parts prior to picking, and case depalletizing. We also continue to train our staff in the utilization of robotic vision systems to keep up-to-date with rapidly developing machine vision technology.

Kevin Jones is Sr. Controls Engineer for Flexicell and an expert in machine vision.
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