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Flexicell to Exhibit at PackExpo 2018

Compact Palletizer

Flexicell, industry leading robotic packaging solution provider will be joining parent company Pearson Packaging Systems at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago, October 14-17. Representatives from both companies will meet with attendees at Booth S-3506 with innovative pack and palletizing solutions that address flexibility and scalability.

Flexicell will be exhibiting its standard Compact Palletizer, which stands less than 11 x 8 ft. and is the smallest unit of four available configurations. Flexicell’s line of standard palletizers are specifically designed with small footprints and are user-friendly and cost effective. The incorporation of the easy-to-use Pallet Configuration Tool allows users to create, modify, or copy new pattern recipes or adjust varying parameters that can meet specific product and packing requirements.

Parent company Pearson will be displaying a highly versatile yet compact robotic packing system for horizontal and vertical loading, using an intelligent conveyor system provided by MagneMotion, a Rockwell company. MagneMotion’s independent cart technology increases throughput rates, smooths operation, which improves reliability, and easily scales to accommodate product variations. Vision and line tracking overcome random product orientations and enable continuous motion, while ensuring pick reliability. Custom end-of-arm tools incorporate multiple functions into one tool, eliminating the need for lengthy changeovers.

PackExpo 2018, flexible, robotic horizontal and vertical top loading cell
PackExpo 2018 flexible, robotic horizontal and vertical top loading cell

Proudly nominated for PMMI’s 2018 Technology Excellence Award in the Prepared Foods category, Pearson’s robotic packing solution is being recognized for its adoption of innovative technologies to solve the challenges of its customer base. Voting begins at show start on Sunday, October 14 and goes through noon, Tuesday, October 16.


Pearson’s User Centric Design—present in both display machines—facilitates an intuitive user experience by simplifying machine accessibility and maintenance. An updated HMI screen with a modern feel and easy interaction accelerates the learning curve for new operators and allows them to be independent sooner.


Founded in 2015, PSSG is a Pearson company dedicated to complex packaging integration projects. Group representatives will be present at Pack Expo to discuss customer applications and turnkey solutions for their secondary packaging lines. Since PSSG can source all major line components from both Pearson and Flexicell’s comprehensive portfolios, shorter lead times, more seamless integration and a uniform user interface are attractive benefits to customers.