Bag Case Packing Systems

Our bag and pouch case packing systems are efficient, flexible, and reliable. How it works: Often the product is first settled with vibration before a vision-guided robot puts it in a case. The robot uses a vacuum-powered or mechanical gripper to gently pick-and-place bags from a conveyor to a box. We design and build the end of arm tooling to minimize or even eliminate breakage during the movement of product.


Unlike hand packing, robots never get tired and are available 24/7 for 365 days a year, year in year out. Advances in robot and vision technology not only provide the end user with increases in speed, but also a major leap in reliability over hard automation which relies on complex mechanical processes. Fewer parts translates to less to go wrong and a shorter time to repair.  The “smarter” robots can simply be re-configured to handle changes without costly restructuring, by changing out end of arm tools or applying vision-guided technology and advanced programming that is always product specific. 

All systems can be configured for dusty, hot, washdown, humid or cold room environments.

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