Bakery Case Packing Systems

Flexicell's case packing systems pack frozen dough and baked breads, tortillas, muffins, and more.

For food products such as baked goods, corrosive-resistant stainless steel can be used along with a sanitary construction to meet health standards. Before considering any robotic system integrator when your business is packaging food, make sure that their system allows a washdown that does not build up bacteria in corners and hidden cracks. All Flexicell washdown systems are constructed so everything can be cleaned completely (for example, slanted surfaces and rounded corners allow water to run off, which prevents stagnation).


The major benefit of robotic automation is that it reduces product loss due to damage. Unlike hand packing, robots never get tired and make mistakes. A robotic case packing system is also cheaper than hard automation—which relies on mechanical processes—and “smarter”; robots are capable of adapting to changes without costly restructuring, thanks to vision-guided technology and advanced programming. Also, their reliability is proven; they can work 24/7 and continue to do so for years.

All systems can be configured for freezing, dusty, hot, washdown, or humid environments.