Depalletizing Systems

Flexicell's palletizing expertise extends to include de-palletizing. De-palletizing is the process of removing items from a pallet to unload them onto another process or accumulation table. Considerations include your speed and production requirements, and container specifications in the design process.

Flexicell designs its de-palletizing systems with built-in flexibility for future pattern changes and rapid changeovers, and includes easy-to-use color HMI touchscreens. Flexicell's systems are highly reliable and require little maintenance. Smooth, dependable operation and increased productivity is our goal. All methods automatically remove slip sheets, separators, and frame, and discharge the empty pallet.


Unlike hand palletizing, robots never get tired and are available 24/7 for 365 days a year, year in year out. Advances in robot and vision technology not only provide the end user with increases in speed, but also a major leap in reliability over hard automation which relies on complex mechanical processes. Fewer parts translates to less to go wrong and a shorter time to repair.  The “smarter” robots can simply be re-configured to handle changes without costly restructuring, by changing out end of arm tools or applying vision-guided technology and advanced programming that is always product specific. 

All systems can be configured for dusty, hot, washdown, humid or cold room environments.

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