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Picking and Packing

Pick and pack your product with thehighest rates of reliability, flexibility, and speed

Flexicell's product handling and case packing solutions are optimized to achieve maximum performance with minimal downtime. We take advantage of the inherent positive characteristics of robots and pair them with our long-term experience to achieve the results our customers are looking for.

In over 25 years of solving our customer's picking and packing challenges exclusively with robots, Flexicell has developed comprehensive skills and expertise in applying advanced technologies to handle a wide variety of products and meet the specific requirements of the application.


In working with us, expect collaborative problem solving, close attention to detail and honest feedback. At Flexicell, your application is in good hands. The following list of capabilities provides insight into the skills and tools we can recruit to overcome even the most unique picking and packing challenges.

  • Product handling and transfer to include sorting, orienting, and collating
  • Grouping of products to form pack patterns including vertical and/or horizontal loading techniques, interleaved, stacked, on edge, on end, rainbow or variety packs, bulk and shelf-ready
  • Various product conveying technologies including servo collator, diverting, tabletop, mat top and independent cart technology to meet the requirements of the application (type of product, speed, pack configurations, material handling considerations)
  • Ability to meet stringent requirements of washdown, freezing, dusty, hot, or humid environments
  • Experience with articulated arm, delta and Scara robots to select best fit for the application based on capability (reach and payload), flexibility and price
  • Vision guidance and line tracking to inspect, detect, sort and manipulate products on the fly or balance the load between robots
  • Application specific custom end-of-arm tool and/or automatic tool changeover
  • Robotic simulation for concept testing and visualization
  • Human Machine Interface supported by our proprietary User Centric Design to enable operators and maintainers to quickly learn and efficiently use the equipment

We specialize infood, beverage, personal care and warehouse automation applications


  • Fresh, frozen, canned food
  • Flow-wrapped packages or bags
  • Packets or sachets
  • Single-serving cups or tubs
  • Irregular shaped and flexible products
  • Bottles and jugs
  • Chipboard cartons
  • Retail-ready stand-up pouches


  • Chipboard cartons
  • RSC and HSC corrugated cases
  • Bliss boxes
  • Trays
  • Distribution and warehouse totes

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