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Robotic Solutions

When it comes to automation, robots clearly outperform their mechanical alternative

In recent years, packaging automation has seen a surge in robotic integration. Efficiency, flexibility and increased affordability make them a clearly superior choice to many mechanical solutions. It is for that reason that Flexicell has exclusively focused on robotic packaging automation since its inception over 25 years ago.

Benefits include:

  • Superior reliability with minimal maintenance requirements; MTBF >80,000 hours
  • Superior ability to easily and cost-effectively adapt to changes in product, rate, or patterns
  • Superior ability to accommodate a multitude of varying products with one robot
  • Superior ability to handle randomly oriented products
  • Superior ability to handle multiple load or stack patterns
  • Superior ability to be redeployed
  • Superior speed and consistency
  • Superior ability to adapt to any environment
  • Superior footprint
  • Superior ability to multitask including identifying, aligning and placing product or erecting, packing and sealing
  • Superior ability to handle multiple production lines
  • Superior ability to handle heavy loads
  • Superior ability to handle automatic changeovers
  • Superior ability to handle delicate products

Find out how robots can advance your packaging line.