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Preventative Maintenance

Reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and major repairs

With an impressive 80,000-100,000 or more hours of meantime between failures (MTBF), robots are virtually maintenance free when compared to traditional mechanical solutions. Nevertheless, preventing problems is always better than treating them. To ensure that your equipment performs to its maximum potential and to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and major repairs, Flexicell offers a holistic preventative maintenance program.

Our maintenance program

Participating in our preventative maintenance program will ward off unplanned downtime and prolong the life of your robotic system by addressing any deviations proactively. As part of our service, we advise our customers of any equipment best practices and routine checks that would benefit their system and ensure top-level performance.

  • System Audit with Detailed Report
  • Annual Robot PM and Grease Changes
  • Motor and Gear Reducer Change
  • Recommended Spare Parts Quote
  • FANUC Zero Downtime (ZDT) Global IoT Application

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