Robotic Picking Systems

The efficiency and ease-of-use of our pick and place automation allows you to reduce manual labor and increase production speeds. We use delta style robots to pick and place your products from conveyor to conveyor, from conveyor to the infeed of primary packaging machines such as cartoners or flow wrappers and load products directly into cartons, tubs and cases. Vision and line tracking enables us to sort and manipulate products received in a random orientation. Read more »

Robotic Case Packers

Flexicell's robotic case packing systems provide an accurate way to gently pack your products for shipping. The flexibility in design means each case packer is capable of handling one or more products, even if they vary in size and/or shape. Our robotic case packers provide versatility and reliability for manufacturers struggling with bottlenecks, reducing costs, increasing capacity, adding new product lines, and special environments. Read more »

Robotic Palletizers

By using proven technology for palletization, you gain these benefits: Reduce costs associated with labor and inefficiency. Reliable palletizers that will serve you well into the future. Flexibility for the handling of different shapes, sizes, and weights for one or more lines. Read more »

Material Handling Equipment

As part of high-speed pick and place, case packing, and palletizing systems, we can include conveyors, dispensers, transfer carts, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and other equipment, as needed. Conveyors Flexicell's conveying systems transport products or pallets in and out of robotic cells. About 90% of the conveyors used in our systems are manufactured by us using aluminum and steel. Read more »