A Division of Pearson Packaging Systems

Turnkey Systems

Your full system solutions Automation Partner

As a division of Pearson Packaging Systems, we are able to provide turnkey end-of-line solutions.

With the ability to source the vast majority of system components from the Pearson/Flexicell portfolio, we provide a uniform user interface, reduced system failure points, more seamless integration, and shorter lead times. Throughout the system, we use a consistent philosophy, components and wiring.

All of our equipment is compliant with PackML for ease of integration and serviceability as well as simple integration into plant-based supervisory systems (SCADA).

With Flexicell and Pearson as your automation partner, you are relying on over sixty years of secondary packaging automation experience as well as twenty-five years of focused robotic integration.

System Integration

Pearson/Flexicell equipment is available for all major line components providing

  • Shorter lead times
  • Uniform user interface and operation
  • Uniform design philosophy and wiring
  • Reduced opportunity for failure points
  • PackML compliance for ease of integration and serviceability

As a turnkey systems provider, rely on us for:

  • Vendor Management and a preferred, pre-qualified supplier network
  • Risk management and comprehensive project management
  • Reliable support throughout design, build, install and start-up
  • Cohesive system validation

Contact us to discuss your full system objectives